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The South African Jewish Board of Deputies is delighted that the Kaplan Centre has embarked on a new survey of the SA Jewish community. With fifteen years having elapsed since the last survey, there is a very real need to conduct a new investigation into current Jewish attitudes, relating both to how Jews see themselves with relation to the greater South African society and in terms of their affiliations, beliefs, opinions and level of involvement in the affairs of the Jewish community specifically. The SAJBD commends the Kaplan Centre for undertaking this vital project and, as in previous years, looks forward to assisting with and participating in the process.
Shaun Zagnoev, National Chairman South African Jewish Board of Deputies

This survey is an important tool to help us understand our community better so that we plan for the future. Letís all participate so that the information gathered can be a true reflection of our community.
Chief Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein, Chief Rabbi of South Africa

We at the Chevrah Kadisha are really excited to partner with the Kaplan Centre on the 2019 Community Survey. As a consolidated welfare organisation for our community we are heavily reliant on accurate data for future planning. Understanding future communal needs and being able to appropriately plan for these needs will allow us to make responsible decisions and ensure sustainability of these vital services. Your participation in this survey not only provides critical demographic insights but also highlights trends and needs within our community. The time taken to complete the survey is highly valued and appreciated, our sincere thanks.
Saul Tomson, CEO Chevra Kadisha Group

The UJC's vision is that of a sustainable and vibrant community. To realise our aspirations, to plan more effectively - and even to dream more fully - we must understand who we are, and what drives our community in every way. Your participation is critical to our future. Thank you.
Alison Berk Katzeff, Chairperson of the United Jewish Campaign, Cape Town

I heartily endorse the project undertaken by the Kaplan Centre for Jewish Studies. This is especially important, in view of the major demographic and numerical changes in our Jewish community since the last survey. South African Jewry is renowned word-wide for its excellent communal structure whether on a religious, Zionistic or Jewish educational level, as well as social services. We aim to keep it that way. JCSSA will be of great value in maintaining the proud reputation of South African Jewry.
Rabbi Dr P Zekry, Durban United Hebrew Congregation

The South African Board of Jewish Education is very excited about the upcoming Jewish Community Survey of South Africa. The ability to learn from real data, trends and insights in a variety of areas will assist our community to better understand itself and enhance decision-making.
Rabbi Craig Kacev, Director South African Board of Jewish Education, King David Schools

It is so important that a survey of this nature is being undertaken. A national survey will be hugely beneficial towards understanding trends, demographics, needs and wishes of our community. I have no doubt that a survey of this nature will be of great relevance and importance to our community and I urge you to be willing participants in this project.
Geoff Cohen, Director of Education: Herzlia School

The SAUPJ would like to encourage all its members to participate in the Kaplan Centre's Jewish Community Survey. The results of this survey are expected towards the end of 2019 and will give us a much better insight into Progressive Jewish involvement in our community, their views on discrimination, emigration and a host of other topics typical of a survey of this kind. Without our full participation our voice will not be heard. Let's participate and be counted!
Monica Solomon, National Chair, South African Union of Progressive Judaism (SAUPJ)

This project is a crucial part of our self-knowledge as a Jewish community and is vital to proper planning for any communal project. Around the world, all significant Jewish communities conduct such surveys to ensure they understand themselves and measure the impact of internal projects as well as that of outside influences. I hope that our community takes full advantage of this vital initiative.
Rabbi Ramon Widmonte, Dean of The Academy

In order for the CSO to fulfil its mandate of ensuring a safe, secure and empowered community, it is important that we have a clear understanding of the sentiment and current state of SA Jewry. We believe the results of this survey will go a long way to giving us that understanding. We encourage widespread participation in order to achieve the best possible outcome.
Jevon Greenblatt, Director of Operations CSO Johannesburg

With an incredibly dynamic Jewish community it is to be expected that our ideologies and beliefs are constantly changing. This survey is a fantastic opportunity to keep us up to date with changing trends and ensures that the Jewish community is being provided with the opportunities that they are currently seeking. We encourage everyone to participate and make your voice heard!
Deena Katzen, SAUJS National Chairman

The future of the South African Jewish community rests not only on national, international and political considerations but also in the hands of the community itself. Planning for the years to come is a vital component of preparation for the future. It is therefore important that the issues raised in the questionnaire should be addressed seriously by us all - it is our contribution to building new Jewish generations.
Ann Harris, co-founder of Afrika Tikkun

The JCSSA survey will provide a broad picture of the South African Jewish communities, whose demographics are constantly shifting. Wizo South Africa supports this important communal initiative - the findings will be of great interest not only to communal leaders but to all South Africans
Yvonne Jawitz, WIZO SA

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